A GREEN TOURISM ORGANIZATION is regularly checked both before and after the labeling to ensure that the organization meets its obligations and criteria.

GREEN TOURISM ORGANIZATION has a number of procedures to ensure compliance with criteria and progress in environmental efforts.

  • The application process
  • Approved by a Jury
  • Ongoing audit and inspection visits
  • Ongoing documentation and ensuring compliance

The application process

To be awarded the GREEN TOURISM ORGANIZATION, an application must be submitted with relevant documentation from the relevant tourism organization. Then a consultant visits the organization to help and ensure that all the requirements are met and the necessary documentation is found or developed.

Approved by a Jury

When all requirements are met and the documentation is in place, the application for approval by a Jury is canceled. If the jury approves the application, the company can then be awarded the GREEN TOURISM ORGANIZATION.

Ongoing audit and inspection visits

At the initial consultancy visit, the form is filled in and jointly prepared environmental procedures, objectives, activities and information material targeted at the organization.

All GREEN TOURISM ORGANIZATION organizations receive inspection visits prior to allocation and visit again after approximately one year. Thereafter, the company is visited every two or three years, ensuring that the requirements are still met, so that the company can maintain GREEN TOURISM ORGANIZATION and advice on how to proceed with environmental work.

The audit is carried out by consultants who have a thorough knowledge of the scheme and its environmental requirements and who can also advise and save with the labeled companies.

Costs for the inspection visit will be borne by GREEN TOURISM ORGANIZATION, while all expenses incurred. consultancy, necessary investments, etc. is held by the organization.

Ongoing documentation and ensuring compliance

In addition to the ongoing inspection visits, the organization must submit information about selected criteria and how the site is continuously improving at the turn of the year.

The ecolabel can be removed from the organization if the criteria are not fulfilled.