GREEN TOURISM ORGANIZATION is a new tool to focus on sustainable tourism. Efforts can at the same time market and fuel organization and destinations in the sustainable field and, most importantly, make additional contributions to achieving the UN's global goals.

Wonderful Copenhagen as a lever for the scheme
Wonderful Copenhagen sets international standards for sustainability and is thus the world's first GREEN TOURISM ORGANIZATION.

Thus, tourism in Denmark's capital again sets a new international standard in terms of sustainability. At the end of 2018, the organization launched the capital's first sustainable tourism strategy.

Wonderful Copenhagen's new strategy addresses sustainability based on an environmental, social and economic approach, and one of the points of the strategy is about what Wonderful Copenhagen can do in its own operations, among other things. with the objective of environmental certification of the organization.

In this connection, Wonderful Copenhagen has pushed for the development of and subsequently itself has been labeled with GREEN TOURISM ORGANIZATION.

Build on Green Key concept

The Association of Danish Tourism Manager, together with the Outdoor Council and HORESTA, helped create GREEN KEY, which is widespread in over 60 countries and awarded more than 3,000 tourism companies. Experience from Green Key is used as the foundation for the new scheme. Since GREEN KEY focuses primarily on conference and accommodation venues and especially hotels, a more targeted scheme is needed for tourism organizations.

HORESTA has therefore, together with the Outdoor Council, chosen to create a clone of GREEN KEY targeted tourism organizations under the name "GREEN TOURISM ORGANIZATION", as in Denmark there is considered to be a breeding ground and a need to promote sustainable tourism and an opportunity to fire tourism organizations and your efforts. .