It is not enough that the tourism organization focuses on its own address or domicile.

The organization must contribute to promoting sustainability in its area, as stated in criterion 9a, where a strategy for sustainable tourism is the optimal way to meet this criterion.

It is important to involve and cooperate with the local authorities in the sustainable work, as stated in criterion 9d and the local tourism companies in criterion 9e.

Just as it must be actively used in the promotion of the area, cf. criterion 9e.

Admission requirements

It should not be possible for all tourism organizations to obtain a GREEN TOURISM ORGANIZATION marking from the recognition that GREEN TOURISM ORGANIZATION will be actively used in marketing the destination. It is crucial that it is actually possible to choose an eco-labeled accommodation at the destination.

In criterion 9b, an access barrier is set at 40% of the destination hotels or hotel rooms, which must be ecolabelled.

This requirement can meet around 25% of the country's municipalities. But a announced new structure for Danish tourism, published in 2018, will create increased cross-municipal collaborations, which can pull in both directions.