GREEN TOURISM ORGANIZATION is common sense and accountability that is put into the system. The organization must have the heart in the right place and an ambition for sustainability for the organization and work area.

About the environmental work:

  • Is a management tool for environmental work

  • Is common economic and common sense

  • Initiates a process and new thinking

  • Focuses on relevant environmental conditions

  • Taking into account that companies have different prerequisites

  • May be a model for quick savings

  • Will ensure employee ownership

  • Also focus on the fact that guests can but do not have to make an effort

  • Sets requirements on suppliers

  • Should not noticeably affect the quality

  • Is pragmatic - not fanatical

6D. Cooperation

The labeling of a tourism organization will be supplemented by a cooperation agreement whereby the tourism organization undertakes to cooperate with the national part of GREEN TOURISM ORGANIZATION to increase sustainable tourism at the destination or in connection with the organization's business area.

A cooperation agreement with GREEN TOURISM ORGANIZATION must oblige the tourism organization to work for the area's tourism companies to be labeled with a recognized eco-label, such as the Flower, the Nordic Swan or GREEN KEY, cf. criterion 9c. Specific goals must be set for the development in the number of ecolabelled hotels and others.