All tourism companies within the business categories for which criteria already exist, such as hotels, hostels, and conference venues, can apply for the GREEN TOURISM ORGANIZATION.

The application process

  • The company reviews the criteria internally and completes the application form.

  • The company gets a consultant visit where the criteria and the site are reviewed.

  • Subsequently, the company is in close dialogue with the secretariat and jointly laid out a strategy for how the criteria that are not met can be met.

  • The company submits a form electronically with associated documentation, such as environmental policy and action plan, energy labeling, cleaning product data, etc.

  • When the secretariat assesses that all criteria are in place, a recommendation is made to the Jury, which makes the final approval.

Documents to be sent with the application

  • The application form itself

  • Environmental procedure and objectives

  • Proposal for cooperation agreement with the Secretariat

  • Inventory of own ecology purchases

  • Sustainability strategy or equivalent that can fulfill criterion 9.

  • Information on how sustainable tourism is promoted

  • The number of eco-labeled hotels can be obtained from the secretariat

Time horizon

The time horizon for a marking (from initial contact to any approval) varies. It depends on how far companies have gone in advance with the application, compliance with the criteria and documentation. The longest step is to make the company ready for a setting. The setting itself and any. approval often does not take long.

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