Bernstorff Slot

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250 years of history

Bernstorff Palace is one of the earliest and finest constructions in the style of neoclassicism in Europe. It was originally built as Count Bernstorff's summer residence. However, it changed status to a 'palace' when Crown Prince Christian VIII bought it in the 1840'ies. The Royal Family used the palace until 1939. Then the Military moved in and used the buildings for educational purposes of their officers. For the next 70 years, the palace was not open to the public. However, in 2009 it was transformed to a privately leased hotel and conference venue. Nowadays the palace is open to the public at many occasions during the year, where we invite to cultural events and commercial fairs.

Environmental efforts

Green Key since November 2022.


North of Copenhagen

North Zealand (North of Copenhagen) is wellness and wellness - also when it comes to food. Therefore, you will find a wealth of organic producers who deliver directly to local restaurants and cafes in North Zealand. There is not always far from ground to table when you get fresh local produce directly to the kitchen. On the food market one can gather around long tables with friends and family and enjoy food from all over the world, from stalls with different street food concepts.

You can also buy into farm shops and harvest markets, which always have fresh, sustainable and organic produce.

Let the pedal force lead you into the country for the deep, quiet tranquility of the forest on Route 105 and 110 to the UNESCO World Heritage Site and Denmark's fifth national park or white sand beaches and impressive castles. In North Zealand there are many forests and it is allowed and free to move in for horses, on foot or by bicycle.