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ALIVE has over 20 years of experience with the entire lifecycle of events – from idea development to ensuring a well-run event at the highest level, every single time. The team behind ALIVE has handled the total project management of tasks with between 50 and 20,000 participants for both national and international customers over the past two decades.

ALIVE is powered by Aller Media and can therefore draw on the house's many internal resources, which means that they can handle large parts of their production internally

At ALIVE, they always work 100% transparently and without commission agreements.

Environmental efforts

Denmark's first event agency with a GTO certification

ALIVE will make a difference in the event industry and contribute to a greener and circular agenda. ALIVE sees the importance of engaging in dialogue with our suppliers and customers about how they can together improve the environmental footprint before, during and after the event.

As part of their sustainable efforts, they have received a GTO certification, which is an environmental certification for tourism organizations that make a special effort in relation to sustainability. This makes ALIVE the first event agency with a GTO certification.



Copenhagen, Denmark's capital has been selected as the world's best city to visit, and the city's ambitious green profile has a clear goal: The City of Copenhagen is aiming to become the world's first CO2-neutral capital in 2025.

In Copenhagen there is a short road to both water and green areas. It is a green and bicycle friendly city that can be explored on the many new electric city bikes. You can stay in an eco-certified hotel, where as many as 75% of the city's hotel rooms are ecolabelled with either the Swan or Green Key, you can swim in the clean water in the city's water baths or consume organic food from Michelin restaurants to street food markets.

Wonderful Copenhagen has a sustainability strategy for tourism and is the first in the world to be labeled with the eco-label Green Tourism Organization.

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