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Idéa Nordic

Idéa Nordic is a creative event and DMC agency, with representation in Denmark, the UK and the USA. In addition, they are Denmark's leading agency within entertainment, with connections to more than 250 active dancers, acrobats, live bands and other performers. This gives Idéa Nordic the opportunity to create and activate a core narrative and common thread through every project.

Over the past 15 years, Idéa Nordic has organized events and entertainment for a number of the largest international and innovative companies, and for a total of between 10 and 15,000 guests.

Idéa Nordic's hallmarks are diversity, inclusion and sustainability. In order to create meaningful experiences for all kinds of audiences, the team behind Idéa Nordic is made up of a broad representation of people. In most projects, the diversity is evident via the performers and event staff, while at other times it requires a look 'behind the scenes'.

Environmental efforts

Idéa Nordic works actively for a green transition via 4 action areas:

1: Green Solutions: They undertake to investigate and present sustainable solutions that contribute to a better experience for participants and customers.

2: Common Standard: They support and work for a common standard for the event industry, which requires that more events be produced with sustainability in mind

3: Suppliers: They present environmental requirements to suppliers, and advise them in relation to environmental challenges and solutions

4: Upcycling: They are at the forefront of the fight for recycling. Idéa Nordic has more than 1000 specially designed costumes and props, which are created primarily from upcycled materials and by recycling previous effects.



Copenhagen, Denmark's capital has been selected as the world's best city to visit, and the city's ambitious green profile has a clear goal: The City of Copenhagen is aiming to become the world's first CO2-neutral capital in 2025.

In Copenhagen there is a short road to both water and green areas. It is a green and bicycle friendly city that can be explored on the many new electric city bikes. You can stay in an eco-certified hotel, where as many as 75% of the city's hotel rooms are ecolabelled with either the Swan or Green Key, you can swim in the clean water in the city's water baths or consume organic food from Michelin restaurants to street food markets.

Wonderful Copenhagen has a sustainability strategy for tourism and is the first in the world to be labeled with the eco-label Green Tourism Organization.

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