Tourism Organization

Destination Himmerland

Destination Himmerland is the official tourism organization which handles the tourism promotion efforts on behalf of Mariagerfjord Municipality and Vesthimmerland Municipality. Destination Himmerland aims to contribute to high product quality and business development, ensure increased visibility through coordinated and targeted marketing, and offer the best guest service to guests before, during and after their visit.

Destination Himmerland works actively to ensure that tourism is developed sustainably and responsibly, which is done on the basis of and in collaboration with the destination company's more than 150 private and public partners.

Environmental efforts

Special environmental efforts Sustainability and green transformation are together digitalisation important strategic focus areas for Destination Himmerland. Strategic efforts are being made to position Himmerland as a sustainable tourist destination.

The work to ensure sustainable tourism development and green conversion in Himmerland is done, among other things. through the 3-year restructuring project ‘Next Step Himmerland’, which is supported with funds from the Danish Business Promotion Board. The project aims to increase the tourism industry's knowledge of green transformation and sustainability and contribute to transforming this knowledge into concrete actions and activities.