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Feriepartner Thy

Welcome to Feriepartner Thy, the independent holiday lettings agency for renting your holiday home in Thy and the surrounding area.

Here you have the opportunity to rent a house, get keys delivered, sign up for tennis and much more. Along the coast from Agger to Hanstholm you will find the most beautiful beaches facing the North Sea - this is the stretch that surfers call Cold Hawaii. Further inland, National Park Thy spreads out, offering some of Denmark's wildest nature, and towards the peaceful Limfjord, the main town of Thisted is beautifully situated. In order for you to have the best holiday experience, the staff always ensure that the service is top notch and guarantee that the price and quality of the holiday homes always match. You can stop by the store, or contact Feriepartner Thy by phone or email - they are ready to advise you on choosing a holiday home and to give you the best holiday tips.

Environmental efforts

Awarded with Green Tourism Organization June 2023


North Jutland

The northern part of Jutland is full of unique nature experiences and viewpoints with stunning views of the ice age landscape, heather areas and white sand beaches. Here is also the attraction Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, where you can experience innovative solutions to renewable energy, and the Museum of Sustainability and Supply - MOSS, the cultural-historical museum with specialties within the people of Vildmosen, Møller and Jyske Å's history.