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VisitAarhus is the Aarhus region’s official tourism organisation (DMO – Destination Marketing Organisation) and represents Denmark’s second largest city, Aarhus, along with the regions of Djursland and Favrskov and the surrounding cities of Silkeborg, Skanderborg, Randers and Viborg.

VisitAarhus is a commercial foundation with the purpose of contributing to the development of tourism, promoting the region as a destination for holiday as well as business tourism and contributing to tourism in the area creating results locally, regionally and nationally.

The Aarhus Region has a strong focus on sustainability and on initiating activities that support UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The Aarhus region has stunning nature - a national park, an ancient road, a sky mountain, forests, lakes, streams and parks. Everywhere with marked trails, where you can really experience the beautiful Danish nature by hiking, biking, running, mountain biking or something completely else!

Environmental efforts

Free guides to further sustainability

Strong partnerships and 'hands on' tools have been the starting point for VisitAarhus' work with sustainability. Together with the Department of Communication and Event Support at Aarhus University, Aarhus Events, WorldPerfect, the Climate Department at the city of Aarhus and the local tourism industry, VisitAarhus has developed a free handbook for organizers of conferences and events to inspire and make it easier to make sustainable choices.

VisitAarhus has a team of 2,100 volunteer ReThinkers. A group of volunteers of this size is unique in Europe, where Aarhus as the only city makes the volunteer ambassadors available at cultural events, events, sporting events, cruise calls and more all year round. ReThinkers focuses on developing knowledge about sustainability, and the volunteers have prepared a green handbook for advising guests.

About 60 % of the rooms in Aarhus are eco-labeled.

Awarded with the eco-label Green Tourism Organization since August 2020.


Aarhus and the area

Being Denmark’s second city, Aarhus is the centre of a region filled with dynamic and creative cities, unique countryside scenery with a beautiful national park not to mention world-class art and cultural activities. And we are happy to share it all with you. In the cities of the region, historical surroundings set the perfect scene for a creative and vibrant town life with exciting attractions, shopping and ample opportunity to get a taste of Danish cuisine based on fresh, locally produced ingredients.

Furthermore, the region holds amazing natural scenery as far as the eye can see: 360 km of unspoiled, blue coastline and white beaches frame the magnificent and ever changing landscape with lakes, streams, forests, hills and an endless number of breathtaking lookout points.

The city holding the prestigious title as European Capital of Culture 2017 has led to the cultural scene in Aarhus and the Aarhus Region being at its strongest ever. This attracts visitors from all over the world and puts Aarhus in the lead as Denmark’s number one tourist attraction outside of Copenhagen in terms of geography and tourism turnover.

About 60% of the rooms in Aarhus are eco-labeled after Wakeup Aarhus has received Green Key.