Tourism Organization

VisitVejle / MeetingVejle

VisitVejle is Vejle Municipality's official tourism department. The local tourist office services the area's tourists and citizens while creating projects for special initiatives such as cycling, gastro and sustainable tourism together with the local tourism industry based on their wishes and needs.

MeetingVejle is the meeting and business tourism department, and the construction consists of a partnership between the municipality and ten private partners consisting of hotels and event venues. Together, the partnership promotes business tourism in the area and brands Denmark's 3rd largest conference city to attract meetings and international MEGA events.

VisitVejle and MeetingVejle work purposefully with sustainable tourism, which is the constant overlay on all initiatives and is a strategic priority in the development of business and holiday tourism.

Environmental efforts

Green Destination Vejle - Green Destination Vejle
Since 2018, VisitVejle has worked purposefully on sustainable initiatives, e.g. by defining the lighthouse project Green Destination Vejle - Green Destination Vejle. The project contains a number of concrete initiatives and activities based on business partnerships with the local tourism industry and with a focus on certification of the local companies. The dream is that all tourism companies must be certified with HORESTA's Green awards (Green Restaurant / Green Camping / Green Key, etc.)
On the basis of the project, tourism is included in Vejle Municipality's Climate Plan, as part of the DK2020 initiatives, and tourism is thus a politically prioritized effort. The goal is to collaborate on the national CO2 reduction and lift the ambition that Denmark should be the world's first and leading certified green tourist destination. VisitVejle and MeetingVejle work tirelessly to make the destination one of the country's greenest.
VisitVejle and MeetingVejle collaborate with the municipality's other administrations, the Triangle area, the Destination Triangle area, MeetingVejle's partners, VisitVejle's tourism network consisting of over 100 members from the industry and others. to raise the sustainable tourism agenda which includes a social, economic and environmental approach. We lift in droves.

Gastro Guide and Kingdom of Cycling
In VisitVejle's special efforts within cycling and gastrotourism, energetic efforts are made to ensure tourists the sustainable choice when they visit the area. With the slogan Buy Local it's Brilliant Global, a redesigned digital Gastro Guide will be launched in 2021. The tourist can, from home or on his holiday in the area, explore and be inspired to visit farm and specialty shops, breweries, butchers, confectioners, wine bars and eateries focusing on local produce. In the guide, the tourist can save favorites, plan their own routes and share with friends and family. And then the routes can be transferred to Google Map - just to take with you on the go.
When the tourist visits Vejle and the surrounding area, they travel to the Kingdom of Cycling, where the country's steepest cycling slopes and beautiful ice age landscapes invite to cycling holidays par excellence.