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Destination Fyn / Erhvervshus Fyn

Destination Fyn / Erhvervshus Fyn

Destination Fyn is a non-profit tourism organization which, in a strong, sustainable collaboration with the local actors, puts the Funen DNA in play against relevant target groups to increase the number of guests to Funen. All to create growth and jobs for the entire destination.

Application for Green Tourism Organization is applied for in collaboration with Erhvervshus Fyn, where Destination Fyn also has its office.

Erhvervshus Fyn will help to create sustainable growth in competitive, innovative Funen companies - also within tourism.

That is why Erhvervshus Fyn works to help Funen's companies strengthen their competitiveness and sustainable development.

Environmental efforts

Destination Fyn puts sustainability on the agenda in Funen tourism - with partnerships, innovation and competence development that point to a green future.

Vision for sustainability in tourism

Read their sustainability vision 'Impressions with a positive imprint - Sustainability in tourism on Funen and the Islands until 2030'.

Destination Fyn / Erhvervshus Fyn received the Green Tourism Organization in November 2021.



Funen is called the cycling island because of the 1200 km of signposted cycle routes in the beautiful and versatile landscape. Visit the well-preserved market towns, the 123 castles and manor houses and be tempted by local food and sublime restaurants - all surrounded by a sea of 100 islands.

Odense is filled with beautiful parks, romantic gardens and recreational areas such as outdoor fitness playgrounds.

On Funen you get good ingredients, meat from happy animals, locally brewed beer and wine, characteristic cheeses and exquisite specialties that can be enjoyed on one of the culinary routes or on one of the cozy food markets.

In addition to Odense, which is Funen's largest city, you will find cozy towns such as Svendborg, Nyborg, Kerteminde, Bogense and Middelfart.

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